New Poor Old Lu song (!!!!!) and t-shirt available NOW

If you have never heard of Poor Old Lu, they formed in Seattle and were active the at the same time as the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Sunny Day Real Estate. And I like them better than all of those bands. They released 3 LPs from 1993-1996, broke up for awhile, reformed in 2002 for another LP, and then have been on indefinite hiatus.

As of a couple of hours ago, you can "purchase" a new single from Poor Old Lu along with a new shirt. This is the first new song the band has released in a decade. I can't really explain how exciting this is for me. Unlike most (?) bands, Poor Old Lu has only recorded with the four original members, and this song is no different- Scott Hunter (vocals), Aaron Sprinkle (guitar), Nick Barber (bass), and Jesse Sprinkle (drums).

Aaron Sprinkle is probably most widely known as a producer, but also has 3 solo albums and is the lead singer/songwriter for the bands Fair and Rose Blossom Punch. His brother Jesse is probably best known as the drummer of Demon Hunter and Dead Poetic, but is also a prolific songwriter with more solo albums (some under the moniker "The World Inside") than one can count. Nick Barber has also played bass in all of Aaron's bands, and has played with Jeremy Enigk. The band is unlikely to ever be truly active again, as Jesse lives in NY, Aaron in Nashville, and Scott and Nick still in Seattle.

Never heard the band? Not too late to start. Numerous free downloads at PoorOldLu.com
Here is one of my favorites, from 1994's Sin:

Where Where All of You (mp3)

While I have tried to draw you in with the interest in hearing/buying the Poor Old Lu song, this isn't really about the band. It is about a project Jesse has with a friend to help children in Uganda.

The short of it is that Jesse and friend Kurt Johnson are hoping to travel to Uganda and record and album with street kids there. Jesse has been to Uganda many times, only through the help of others.

"The Luser" perk through the Indiegogo campaign is $50 for the Poor Old Lu song, shirt, and the new Paradise Uganda album. While if you were just buying those things, $50 would obviously seem like a lot of money and not a good value.

But don't think about it that way. Pretend you are just giving $50 to someone in need, and that you will get nothing in return.

It is called a perk because it is just that. You are not actually buying these items, you are supporting a cause you believe in, and then you are fortunate enough to get some small items for your own enjoyment.

Unlike Kickstarter, they don't have to reach their goal to get the money. If you read the details, you are making a donation to a cause, and no matter how much they raise, they will continue with their plans. Donate now!