It is Saturday morning and I am on my second day of weekend dorm duty. Far and away the worst part about working for this school. The kids are great, but the hours- RIDICULOUS. Yesterday was from 5 pm to 12:30 am, today from 11 am to 12:30 am, and then tomorrow from 11 am to 6 pm. I did get caught up on a lot of grading last night, and discovered some new music through a long conversation with a student. Today will be fine because I can watch the Auburn-Ole Miss game at 12:30 and then the Georgia-Florida at 3:30. Then I will watch the 'Batman Begins' DVD which a friend rented.

Auburn still has a chance to play (and hopefully beat) two undefeated top-5 teams. Georgia next week, and then of course against Bama on Nov. 19, a game in which I will be seeing in person. I wish we had a kicker, then maybe we could have beaten LSU last week. 1 for 5 on FGs is insane.

Tomorrow the Redskins are actually on locally! They are playing the Giants for 1st place in the NFC East. It is fun to actually have a competitive, competent Washington team to cheer for.

I ordered the Luxury album, I should have it Monday, I can't wait. I still really want to order the Thrice album, but until I do I can continue to listen to it in its entirety streaming on MySpace. Stavesacre posted a brand new song on their MySpace site which is incredible. They have a new album coming out in early 2006 which they just finished recording. They haven't released anything good since 1999's 'Speakeasy,' but that will change with 'How to Live with a Curse.'

I have a long Christmas/Birthday want list of CDs, I am getting behind. Maybe I'll post it on here. :)

Cross Country season ended successfully, the kids did great. Swim practice started this week, first meet is December 1.

Listening to: Stavesacre- 'Kill My Darlings'