once again it has been weeks since i have posted. that is mainly because i have been sick for close to three weeks, meaning i have done absolutely nothing to write about. i had malaria the first week, now what i have is unknown. i have been to 2 doctors over 6 times total.

while most of the time i sit at home, i did get out last night as the new bowling league started. i bowled right at my league average of 131, which is still more than 15 pins below my regular average. i am actually on a team this time, which is fun. it is refreshing to be at the alley and not be in charge.

the new pedro the lion album is out, i would recommend buying it.

the detroit pistons and new jersey nets are playing game 7 tomorrow night of their playoff series. i am still trying to recover from detroit's 3 OT loss in game 5. only a win tomorrow will allow me to forget it.

soon i hope to come up with a new idea and design for this site. although that may have to wait until i can get back to the states and have high speed internet again. i still haven't figured out why this site doesn't archive itself.

(listening to: sixpence none the richer- s/t)