Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

Let's start with my most highly anticipated of 2010 and see how they stacked up. Light blue text indicates what copied and pasted from my blog a year ago.

1. FairDisappearing World. #7 of 2010
2. Sixpence None the Richer. No title or release date. Was not released, see below.
3. Eisley. No title or release date. Was not released, see below.
4. Jimmy Eat World.  Invented was #3 of 2010.
5. Fleming & John. Rumor. Unfounded rumor at that; doubtful this couple will ever release another album.
6. Rosie Thomas. No title or release date. Weird that there is no news regarding this one. I am fairly it has been recorded with David Bazan as producer, but still no word on when it will be released.
7. She & HimVolume 2. To be released on March 23 on Merge Records. #12 of 2010
8. Arcade Fire. No title or release date. May is the rumor. #1 of 2010
9. The New Pornographers. No title or release date, but Spring is the rumor. #4 of 2010
10. TheftNothing Gold Will Stay. Album is apparently finished, but no release date has been given. Became a 3-song EP.
Others in random order:
Frontier(s). New band from Chris Higdon of Elliott. #16 of 2010
Mates of State and Nada Surf are both set to release covers albums this year. Nada Surf, as much as I love them, does not play the right style of music to do a covers album; it is pretty bland. Mates of State's on the other hand is possibly the best full album of covers I have ever heard.
GRITS. Title was Quarantine; It is OK, not their best work.
Zookeeper. Was never released; no new information.
Patty GriffinDowntown Church. Releases Jan. 26. Disappointment. Hoping she will return to form at some point.
SpoonTransference. Releases Jan. 26. Probably my least favorite album of theirs.
Band of HorsesNight Rainbows. Title changed to Infinite Arms. OK album, I think I am just not that big a fan of this band overall.
L.S.U.PTSD. Listened to songs online a few times, pretty bland. Mike Knott has lost the touch.
Leeland P.- Tess Wiley singing lead vocals for this German electronic band; album releases in the Spring. Still unreleased, but it is complete and they are searching for a label. Awesome live video of one of the songs here.
Swarm of Bats- 8-song EP supposedly to be released at any point from 4/5 of Brandtson. Unreleased, doubtfully ever will. Hopefully they will nip this band in the bud and reform Brandtson. Brandtson's best album was issued on vinyl for the first time in 2010, you can buy it here.

Now, for my most anticipated of 2011:
1. Sunny Day Real Estate (TBA) May or may not happen, but the recording process was started in mid-2010.
2. Thrice (TBA). Ever since I discovered them in the summer of 2002 I have been in love. I have listened to them almost twice as much as any band in my iTunes (Last.fm stats).They change drastically from album to album and continue to write and record more original hard-edged rock music than any band today. They are at the demo stage with their new album and I expect it in the Fall.
3. The Appleseed Cast (TBA). They mention the recording process from time to time on their Twitter, should be out this year.
4. Mates of State (TBA). Album has been finished- recorded and mixed. They apparently took almost a full year to record it, and according to their Twitter all that lacks is artwork (and they are looking for designers).
5. Eisley- The Valley (March 1) Based on the tracks they have released thus far, you can expect a much harder-edged and darker Eisley than in the past. Sounds great to me.
6. Death Cab for Cutie- Codes and Keys (Spring). While the last two Death Cab albums were mild disappointments for me, I still love the band and expect good things.
7. Mogwai- Hardcore will Never Die, but You Will (February 15)
8. Over the Rhine- The Long Surrender (Official release is 1/11/11 but you can get it now.)
9. Blindside (TBA) I read last week and was surprised to learn they will have a new album out in the Spring. I need more hard music in my life, hard to find much quality in 2011 in this genre.
10. Explosions in the Sky (Spring). Album is complete, expecting a release date any day.
11. Sleeping at Last- Yearbook (monthly EP project) First four months are out, 8 more to go.
12. R.E.M.- Collapse Into Now (March 8)
13. Sixpence None the Richer- Strange Conversation (March 8) Unlucky 13? Much more to come from me about this one.

Not of huge interest to me, but they will be to lots of other people:
Bright Eyes – The People’s Key (February 15)
Fleet Foxes (Spring 2011)
Iron and Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (January 25)
My Morning Jacket (TBA)
The Low Anthem– Smart Flesh