How 'bout those Pistons in the All-Star game last night?! I typically am pretty bored by the NBA All Star game, and don't watch it. But last night I was pretty interested because Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Ben Wallace, and Rasheed Wallace were all in it. The East was down by 21 in the 3rd quarter, but then come in all 4 Detroit players and shut down the West. The East ended up winning by two.

In other Pistons news, they finally gave up on Darko Milicic and traded him to the Magic. He and Carlos Arroyo for Kelvin Cato and draft pick. I don't know what Detroit is going to do with Kelvin Cato besides sit him on the bench. Carlos Arroyo is going to be a big loss. Not that he is a great player, but he is definitely a good back-up point guard. The Pistons need to get another PG, because injured Lindsay Hunter isn't going to cut it. I hope Darko does well in Orlando, I am just glad he will have a chance to play. There just wasn't room for him in Detroit.

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