merry Christmas everyone! i just returned to my flat after spending the day (about 13 hours) at the thompson's house, the family i am closest to in zambia. we started the day by reading the story of Jesus' birth from Luke, then opened presents. afterwards we watched 'jingle all the way' while preparing for lunch. two other families came over for the big Christmas meal, we had ham, turkey, etc., it was great. and we had pumpkin pie, my favorite desert of all time.

after lunch we played some games and watched 'the shawshank redemption' and 'pirates of the carribean.'

tomorrow morning, about seven hours from now, i am leaving to go to johannesburg, south africa for the first time. i will be gone for about two weeks, mostly to be a counselor at an MK (missionary kid) camp. tomorrow night i will be spending in botswana, a country i have never been to before.

(listening to: sleeping at last- 'ghosts')