Christmas Music

My obsession within my obsession is Christmas music. While I only listen to it one month a year, I do listen to it almost exclusively that month, and collect it of course. Three years ago, on a whim, I began a #25DaysofChristmasLPs hashtag on Instagram, only intending to do it for one year. However, I then began buying ups lots of random used Christmas albums from dollar bins at record stores, Goodwill, etc., and my Christmas collection has grown so much I now on year three of that Instagram tradition. I gravitate towards sacred, spiritual Christmas music, but I also appreciate fun holiday tunes.

Here is my most recent post:

And here is my most popular Instagram post ever:

I have written about my favorite Christmas music before, and if you haven't read those posts, or need a reminder, check them out:

How To Throw A Christmas Party
The Dutch "collective" that has released five Christmas albums of all-original tunes. I wrote that post back in 2015, and all of their music is on Bandcamp, but I did create an Apple Music playlist of my fav HTTACP songs last year:


2007 Christmas music summary

2017 Christmas music summary

And now some new Christmas music that has been released in 2021:

Finally, if you are looking for more Apple Music playlists, I have made a couple more for the season:

Advent Shadow & Light, our daily family listening, based on the book and concept by Tsh Oxenreider.

Indie Christmas 2020, an upbeat party playlist full of my favorites.