New 2017 Christmas songs

As I have mentioned before, I am fairly obsessed with Christmas music, and have over 700 holiday tunes in my iTunes library. 2017 has been especially strong for new Christmas songs from indie artists.

Starting with one I discovered this morning, half of the Lassie Foundation released this; Jeff Schroder with the instrumentation (also of the Smashing Pumpkins), and Wayne Everett with the vocals (also of the Prayer Chain):

Then Eisley released two new Christmas originals this year, both on Amazon: "Star on the Tree" and "Oh Winter". Charly Bliss with the best punk rock cover of the year, which is a perfect song for their style: "All I Want for Christmas is You". I can't embed any of them, but you can listen on Amazon Prime or buy the downloads here.

Leigh Nash with a new 2017 song, and I also realized she put out another Christmas original in 2016 that I missed at the time ("Christmas Falling", with Tess Wiley on bgv's)

I had never heard Miranda Dodson before, but she has a fun "name your own price" Christmas EP out with beautiful artwork:

Sleeping at Last has been releasing a Christmas song per year for 15 years running, and this year he added two to the Noisetrade "pay what you want" fundraiser download. Also this year it was released on beautiful double vinyl which I purchased:

Finally, an important reminder that these are the best two Christmas albums I own and I listen to them constantly: