Thrice update: tour dates and studio photos

It is fairly easy to keep up with Thrice due to their excellent social media presence, but I wanted to elaborate a little with my own thoughts. A couple weeks ago the band began posting photos of the recording process for their new album, set to release later in 2016 (more on that below). Then a couple days ago they announced their first headlining tour in more than 5 years. They of course played a bunch of festivals last year, and I was fortunate enough to see them at Hevy Fest in the UK.

Unfortunately I am probably not going to see any of this tour. I am going to be in the States this summer for a couple months, but the dates don't line up to my family's travel plans. While I did see Thrice only a few months ago, the big thing about this upcoming tour is NEW SONGS from a NEW ALBUM. Also, it is worth mentioning that one of the opening bands, Gates, is terrific.

As I mentioned, Thrice is great with social media and have been posting lots of pictures from the recording sessions for the new album. The photos and the corresponding comments from the band have gotten me very excited about the album because they show that the album will be diverse and heavy. As great as the last Thrice album was, they lost their diversity. So yes, I guess you could say I am complaining the band was too focused. :)

As I have written on this blog, my favorite Thrice is the Alchemy Index 4 EP set, because it is so creative, original, experimental, and diverse. Just seeing photos of keyboards and a piano already lets everyone know this new album is going to be different than Major/Minor, and maybe more diverse in the vein of Vheissu.