Josh Berwanger of the Anniversary performs live with former bandmate Adrianne Verhoeven

Last night in San Fransisco Adrianne Verhoeven de Landa, formerly of the Anniversary, joined former Anniversary frontman Josh Berwanger on stage for a rare performance of an Anniversary song (the band broke up in 2004):

Back in 2012 Josh Berwanger launched a Kickstarter, which was actually one of the first projects I backed on that awesome site, and it funded his debut solo album. That ended up relaunching his career, and he has been touring ever since. The Annivesary's debut LP, Designing a Nervous Breakdown, is by far my favorite thing he has ever done. But his solo album, Strange Stains, is very good and according to his website there is a new EP on the way next month. Here is a fairly obscure Berwanger song from a couple years back that Max Bemis from Say Anything sings on:

When I googled Adrianne's name to make sure I spelled it correctly, I also discovered she is now married to Alex de Landa, and they have a band together called Extra Classic, and I am currently listening to their album for the first time. As the album cover implies, it sounds like it is straight out of the 70's: