8 "New" bands to check out

As I worked on my year end list, I also read a bunch of other lists. As you can see from reading this blog, and my lists, most of the bands I listen to have been around for 10-20 years. I guess that is a part of being 38 years old. But, there is a new wave of great indie bands out there whom I am just now discovering.

Here are 8 specific artists. The first--Gates--I discovered yesterday and after listening to two incredible tracks immediately bought their album. They are heavily influenced by 90's indie rock (emo), which is my favorite era of music. Crazy that it has been 20 years since 1994. That puts it in perspective that when I was listening to music in 1994, it had only been 20 years since 1974 (Led Zeppelin, etc.).

Most of these bands I have only listened to snippets from, but plan to check out in the coming days and weeks. In completely random order...