New Poor Old Lu song!

Hopefully the title didn't get you too excited, you can't quite hear it yet. A new Poor Old Lu song is being worked on currently, it would be their first output in a decade. Here are the details, straight from lead singer Scott Hunter:

"Working on finishing up a new Poor Old Lu track that we started last July. Nick is rockin' the bass line, here :)  

Nothing crazy or clandestine going on here. Aaron and Jesse layed down drums and guitars for a new track this past July. Nick and I never got around to recording our parts, so we were in the studio yesterday to (hopefully) get things wrapped up, which didn't entirely happen. Definitely got bass finalized, but only some scratch vocals. We're hoping to have this wrapped in.....well....maybe a few weeks? Couple of months? We're going to release it for purchase as a benefit to the Ugandan Water Project that Jesse is so active with. 

No collaboration with Jeremy :) He was in the area, we were at the studio, and the timing just so happened to work out well. He hung out with us for a couple of hours, which was great."

All info taken from the Poor Old Lu Facebook page.