New Cush (KUXH) song!

Andy Prickett posted this today on the Cush website...

A little over a year ago, we began gathering with regularity to write new music by recording some live ‘jamming’ (for lack of a better word).  The intent was, and is always to find a gem amidst the human wreckage–a moment that came together spontaneously that never would have if we had tried.  These precious accidents are the most desirable of things in the formation of CUSH music.
Sometimes, the majority or entirety of a jam goes well enough that it can stand on its own as a complete piece of music.  This particular one presented here is just such a one.  We set up, plugged in, got levels, and this is the first thing we played.
Since this kind of thing happened more than once, we decided to give it its own name.  KUXH.