Listen to the full Eisley "The Valley" album now

If you pre-ordered the album from Equal Vision, you should have received an email yesterday with a download link (I did, and have been listening to it in iTunes and on my iPod non-stop since).

If you have yet to purchase it, the album is streaming for free on Spin.com. I tried to embed the player here, but haven't quite figured that out yet. Anyway, just follow the link and listen to all 11 songs.

Also, Eisley played in Nashville last night and the show could be watched as it occured on LiveStream. The show is now archived and you can watch it anytime. I was at the Exit/In the last time Eisley played there a few years ago when everyone was kicked out because they were violating fire code.

Lastly, the album is terrific. When I discovered (Moss) Eisley in 2002, I said they had a chance to be as good as Sixpence None the Richer (stylistically similar) if they continued to release LPs frequently and matured. Well this, their 3rd LP, is definitely their best and shows tons of growth. Ironically Eisley is currently sounding like I wish Sixpence did in 2011. Beautiful female harmonies from the three sisters, catchy melodies and great guitar licks. Excellent review here.

Pre-order the vinyl here if you haven't already: