Jimmy Eat World & David Bazan best-of CDs

Tonight I am going to see Jimmy Eat World and David Bazan at the 40 Watt in Athens. I am more than excited; one because I have been a fan of both of these artists since the late 90's, and two because at this stage in my life I rarely am able to attend shows. In college I saw one or two concerts a month, now I am down to one or two a year. I have only seen Jimmy Eat World once, at an in-studio recording for 99X in Atlanta in 2002. I saw Pedro the Lion about 10 times between 1998 and 2002, but not since. And I have not been to the 40 Watt since I saw the Anniversary there in 2001.

Where the 40 Watt was when I lived in Athens in 1987/88

In preparation for the show I have made best-of CDs for both artists. I always enjoy doing this, and these were more challenging than others because of the expanse of the artists' catalogs. Both have 5 or more LPs, 3 or more EPs, numerous 7"s and a ridiculous amount of unreleased tracks. For both I started new playlists in iTunes and then whittled them down until I have 1.2 hours of music. (I have 135 Jimmy Eat World Songs and 120 David Bazan songs in my iTunes library.) I tried to represent all eras of each artist, and so some great songs got left out. For example, I like all of the songs on Pedro the Lion's Control better than the best song on Achilles Heel. I also worked to make cohesive albums representative of the artists' varying styles.

Jimmy Eat World 1996-2010
1. Disintegration from Stay on my Side Tonight EP
2. Sweetness from Bleed American
3. Call It In the Air from Static Prevails
4. Coffee and Cigarettes from Invented
5. Here it Goes from Chase This Light
6. The Most Beautiful Things from Jebediah Split EP
7. The World You Love from Futures
8. If You Don't, Don't from Bleed American
9. Believe In What You Want from Clarity
10. Jen bonus track from Futures
11. Lucky Denver Mint from Clarity
12. Gotta Be Somebody's Blues from Chase This Light
13. Be Sensible bonus track from Chase This Light
14. Movielike from Invented
15. Hear You Me from Bleed American
16. For Me This is Heaven from Clarity
17. 23 from Futures

I can't find any source of free MP3s for Jimmy Eat World. This is the downside of being on a major label. I thought about providing uploads of Jen and Be Sensible, as I am not sure they are available to be purchased anywhere. 

David Bazan (and Pedro the Lion) 1997-2009
1. Criticism as Inspiration from The Only Reason I Feel Secure EP
2. Magazine from Control
3. Bless This Mess from Curse Your Branches
4. Nothing from the Whole EP
5. Bad Things to Such Good People from Winners Never Quit
6. American Flags from American Flags 7"
7. Start Without Me from Achilles Heel
8. A Mind of Her Own from Winners Never Quit
9. Penetration from Control
10. Hard to Be from Curse Your Branches
11. Of Up and Coming Monarchs from It's Hard to Find a Friend
12. June 18, 1976 from the Progress 7"
13. I Do from Achilles Heel
14. When We Fell from Curse Your Branches
15. Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives from It's Hard to Find a Friend
16. Second Best from Control
17. Almost There from the Whole EP
18. Secret of the Easy Yoke from It's Hard to Find a Friend

More free Pedro the Lion and David Bazan free MP3s here and here.

What is your favorite song from each of these artists? Did I leave it out?