Best of 1985

As 2022 begins, seems only fitting my first blog post of the year is my top albums of 1985--ha! But I do have some gaps to fill in with my lists--notably 1988 and 1989. While those are coming, I am going to start with 1985 as I actually have "a lot" of vinyl albums from that year, at least compared to much of the 80's. Just pulled these off my shelves:

What's weird about writing these eighties lists is that I heard almost none of this music at the time. I turned nine in 1985, and the only artist below I was remotely aware of was Amy Grant--but even with her I didn't become a fan until I was 12 or so. I might have heard a Tears for Fears and a-ha song on the radio, but most of these artists and albums I didn't discover until the late 90's or later. Also, I only really "know" three of these albums in full. I have listened to them all, but this year in music is still largely a mystery to me and may always will be.

Top 10 albums of 1985:

1. Tears For Fears- Songs From The Big Chair

2. Steve Taylor- On The Fritz

3. Amy Grant- Unguarded

4. R.E.M.- Fables Of The Reconstruction

5. The Connells- Darker Days

6. The Jesus & Mary Chain- Psychocandy

7. Kate Bush- Hounds of Love

8. Til Tuesday- Voices Carry

9. Stevie Nicks- Rock A Little

10. a-ha- Hunting High And Low