The top 20 songs I want to hear at Furnace Fest

I am pumped for the return of concerts, and I am starting with a bang. My last show was seeing Bad Books in June of 2019 (over two years with no live music!), and my next show (unless I see Hop Along on Sept. 14) will be Furnace Fest. With that in mind, here are the top 20 songs I am hoping to hear at Furnace Fest in September. For those of you that use Apple Music, here is a full playlist of the songs. Otherwise for each song I embedded the Bandcamp link when available.

"O, Porcupine"
(4:31) by mewithoutYou from the 2006 album Brother, Sister

First seen? Cornerstone Festival in 2002
Last seen? Switzerland in 2016
I mean, come on, Jeremy Enigk was just added to Furnace Fest and he is the same day as mewithoutYou! This is a no-brainer. "O, Porcupine" is my favorite mewithoutYou song from my favorite mewithoutYou album. Otherwise, I can't wait to see songs from the self-titled album live as that album is my second fav from the band and I haven't seen them since it was released.

"Aurora" (8:03) by Mineral from the 2019 album One Day When We Are Young

First seen? Birmingham, AL in 1997
Last seen? Italy in 2014
Since I was fortunate enough to see Mineral in the 90's, and during the fantastic reunion tour of 2014, my main desire is to hear the two new songs released in 2019. "Aurora" might actually become my favorite Mineral song at some point.

"Death To Traitors" (6:40) by Beloved from the 2003 album Failure On

First seen? And last seen at Cornerstone Festival 2002.
The only other time I had seen Beloved it was my introduction to the band. To see them play songs I now know and have been listening to for 15+ years? Can't wait!

"Courage, Courage" (5:07) by Luxury from the 2014 album Trophies

First seen? Atlanta, GA in 1995
Last seen? Cornerstone Festival 2002
Since I was fortunate enough to see Luxury more than a dozen times when they were active, my main hope and excitement is to hear them play songs of their best and most recent album, Trophies.

"Wither/Ascend" (6:19) by Stavesacre from the 1997 album Absolutes

First seen? Birmingham, AL in 1996 (Crush Warehouse)
Last seen? Memphis, TN in 2001 (OneFest)
Honestly I am just so excited to see Jeff Bellew in the band again. I did thankfully get to see Stavesacre twice in 1996 and 1997 with him, but every show from 1999 to 2001 I saw without him just felt weird and subpar. The last time I saw Stavesacre play Dirk was actually also unavailable (sick?) and it was a bizarre and confusing line-up.

"Fight Song" (4:14) by The Appleseed Cast from the 2003 album Two Conversations

First seen? Birmingham, AL in 1998 (Slacker 66)
Last seen? Italy in 2014
Appleseed Cast is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I love all their work, so picking a favorite song is nearly impossible. I love all the tracks from their most recent album The Fleeting Light of Impermanence, but hearing the crowd sing along to "Fight Song" will be epic. 

"Second Chances" (2:29) by Stretch Arm Strong from the 1998 album Compassion Fills The Void

First seen? Nashville, TN in 1999
Last seen? FurnaceFest 2002 

"Paris In Flames" (4:32) by Thursday from the 2001 album Full Collapse

First seen? Montevallo, AL in June 2001
Last seen? Birmingham, AL in September 2001
Strangely I only really love this one Thursday album, which obviously is heavily influence by seeing them twice in tiny clubs around the time Full Collapse was released.

"Born Lonely" (2:59) by The Casket Lottery from the 2020 album Short Songs for End Times

While being aware of The Casket Lottery for decades, their new album is the first I purchased immediately. I have never seen them.

"Sacred Fire" (4:55) by Jeremy Enigk from the 2017 album Ghosts

First seen? With Sunny Day Real Estate in Atlanta, GA 1998
Last seen? Solo in Atlanta, 2010
While I of course hope for one or two Sunny Day songs ("How it Feels...", "The Ocean"., which he does perform solo), I would love to see songs from Enigk's most recent album performed.

"Light A Match"
(4:36) by The Beautiful Mistake from the 2002 album Light A Match, For I Deserve To Burn

Never seen. And their new EP is excellent, but I am heavily nostalgic for the debut.

"Lies of Serpents, a River of Tears" (2:39) by Zao from the 1998 album Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest

First seen? And only time, Nashville, TN 1999
While 2021's The Crimson Corridor is terrific, I really just can't wait to see and hear a song from the album that introduced me to the band. Will Brett Detar join them for a song or two?

"The Moon Is Down" (3:12) by Further Seems Forever from the 2001 album The Moon Is Down

First seen? Pensacola, FL in 1999
Last seen? At Cornerstone Festival 2002

"The House Of Hopes... Dreams... And Wishes" (3:36) by Unwed Sailor from the 2001 album The Faithful Anchor

First seen? Cornerstone Festival 2001
Last seen? Cornerstone Festival 2002

"Limelight (feat. Manchester Orchestra)" (5:03) by Touché Amoré from the 2020 album Lament

Never seen. Andy Hull lives in Atlanta so surely he can drive over to sing on this song?

"Overdue" (2:59) by The Get Up Kids from the 2002 album On a Wire

First seen? Birmingham, AL, 1997
Last seen? HevyFest in the UK in 2015

"Into The Dark" (4:04) by The Juliana Theory from the 2000 album Emotion Is Dead

First seen? Pensacola, FL, in 1999
Last seen? Pittsburgh, PA in 2004

"Painless" (4:20) by Mae from the 2005 album The Everglow

Never seen. But I did love The Everglow.

"When Paula Sparks" (4:55) by Copeland from the 2000 album Beneath Medicine Tree

Never seen. I am actually a way bigger fan of Copeland's more recent music, with Ixora being my favorite album of theirs. But I know the plan for the fest is to play this album in full, and this is my fav track from it.

"Spirit Breaker" (4:52) by August Burns Red from the 2013 album Rescue & Restore

Never seen, and this is my favorite August Burns Red song.