Don't be Defeatist; Top 25 Eisley songs

Been listening to tons of Eisley lately, inspired of course with the release of their 5th album I'm Only Dreaming last month (my review here). I was blessed with discovering Eisley back when they were called MossEisley, specifically hearing them for the first time in May of 2002 when I ordered EP1 and EP2 off their website. Then I saw them at Cornerstone 2002 and the rest was history. (Random comment worth mentioning if you were not aware: when they signed to Warner Brothers in 2003, Lusasfilm objected to their name, so they briefly changed it to Neverland.)

Gallery of film photographs I took of Eisley at Cornerstone in 2002.

Besides just making a list of my top 25 favorite Eisley songs, I also made a YouTube playlist of live in concert versions of all 25 songs. The only exception is the new songs that I haven't found live versions of yet. Some of these live versions are unique, highly modified versions of the studio tracks.

Top 25 Eisley songs:
25. "Tree Tops" from 2003's Laughing City EP
24. "Drink The Water" from 2013's Currents
23. "Lights Out" from 2012's Deep Space EP
22. "Sad" from 2011's The Valley
21. "They All Surrounded Me" from 2006's Final Noise EP
20. "Brightly Wound" from 2005's Room Noises
19. "Currents" from 2013's Currents
18. "A Sight To Behold" from 2007's Combinations
17. "Always Wrong" from 2017's I'm Only Dreaming
16. "Taking Control" from 2007's Combinations
15. "Blue Fish" from 2013's Currents
14. "Like the Actors" from 2007's Like the Actors EP
13. "You Are Mine" from 2017's I'm Only Dreaming
12. "Marvelous Things" from 2005's Room Noises
11. "I Could Be There For You" from 2007's Combinations
10. "Watch It Die" from 2011's The Valley
9. "I Wasn't Prepared" from 2005's Room Noises
8. "Save My Soul" from 2013's Currents
7. "When You Fall" from 2017's I'm Only Dreaming
6. "Many Funerals" from 2007's Combinations
5. "Head Against The Sky" from 2005's Head Against The Sky EP
4. "Better Love" from 2011's The Valley
3. "Defeatist" from 2017's I'm Only Dreaming
2. "Ambulance" from 2011's The Valley
1. "Mister Pine" from 2002's MossEisley EP2