Havalina Rail Co. shirts; Matt Wignall, and Wargirl

I am pleased to announce that I have my second shirt up for sale recognizing an under-appreciated band from the 90's: Havalina Rail Co., also just known as Havalina. Havalina remains to be one of the most diverse, eclectic, random, strange, yet talented group of musicians I have ever listened to. This shirt was primarily designed by Matt Wignall, Havalina band leader. After I got in touch with him and we emailed back and forth ideas and below is the result. The price is set low to be just a fun, comfortable item for fans new and old to wear. The American Apparel Triblend is especially comfy, I highly recommend it. Buy it here and it's only available for one week! (Note: if you know me personally you can order and select "pick up" from me and pay no shipping costs. I will be in three countries and at least a dozen U.S. states between now and mid-August.)

Available in a dozen different color and style combinations
Since Havalina disbanded in the early 2000's, Wignall has primarily made a living as a photographer, designer and producer. He is probably most well known as a producer for his work with Cold War Kids, and most notably to me as a graphic designer for his work on the packaging and artwork for Thrice's album Beggars. This is my personal copy of the album on vinyl, that I featured in a blog post in 2010:

Matt Wignall's personal website is thorough and a great portfolio of his diverse work. Wignall is also now involved in a new musical endeavor called Wargirl. While being active on Instagram, they have not yet released any music. Apparently their first EP will be released on vinyl in June (from their Instagram feed):

Back to Havalina, they were best seen live, and their shows at Cornerstone Festival were especially memorable. Both Wignall himself and bass player Orlando Greenhill were terrific, high-energy showmen. I saw them at this show, Cornerstone 2001.

Like I said, much of Havalina was wild and eclectic, but they did have a couple more catchy, pop-type tunes. This is one of my favorites: