Early 90's amazing Cornerstone videos

Last night I went on a YouTube binge and found some incredible early 90's Cornerstone videos. Here are some highlights with short descriptions. Thanks to Terry Cox who filmed and uploaded all of these. If you enjoy the ones below, go to his channel as the goodness is never-ending!

Mortal at Cornerstone 1993
Jyro and Jerome of course were the core and only constants in this great band. Jerome plays drums here, which I had never seen before. Then Bryan Gray (The Blamed) is playing bass and the two guitar players are Andy Prickett and Jeff Bellew. Unreal!

Argyle Park at Cornerstone 1995
Featuring: Buka, Klay(ton) Scott (Albert) (who is/was "dred" and "deathwish"), Jeff Bellew (vocals on "Gutterboy"), Mark Salomon (vocals on "Doomsayer"). For more on this band and concept album you should listen to Billy Power's podcast interview with Chris "Buka" Martello from March 7 of this year.

The Blamed at Cornerstone 1995
This is the only video I have ever seen of them with Jeremy Moffett on lead vocals, who sand and screamed on their best album, Frail. Joining Jeremy and Bryan Gray was Klank on guitar and then at one point all the members of the Crucified except Mark Salomon.

Poor Old Lu at Cornerstone 1994
Video angle is poor as you only see Scott Hunter, but the sound quality is great.

Sometime Sunday at Cornerstone 1995
This was the band in it's prime and a really fun video angle from the crowd.

L.S.U. at Cornerstone 1993
Full set; and what is better than Mike Knott with a Cookie Monster head mask?!