Hevy Fest preview: Baby Godzilla is now Heck

The first "new" band that I have discovered through my Hevy Fest poll is Baby Godzilla. But at some point in the last month they were forced to change their name, and are now called Heck. This made discovering anything about the band fairly challenging, as less than a week ago the band was still listed as Baby Godzilla on the Hevy Fest website (has now been changed). I don't listen to metal or hardcore that often, but I do like watching bands like this perform live, so in that regard Hevy Fest will be the perfect place to do that.

Here are some comments I have been given so far about the band: "Baby Godzilla are nuts. No other way to describe them and make photographing them ridiculously fun (if not at times dangerous)."

"Make sure to check out Baby Godzilla for sure. You won't regret it."

And from my own reading about the band (once again, now called Heck), they definitely seem to be a band to watch and experience, not just listen to. Here is a great example...

So you can count on me being at the Heck show with camera in hand! Finally, you can get their EP "Knockout Machine" free on their website: