Thrice coming to the UK

So I'm still pretty pumped about Thrice's return, and even though I have seen them live 3 times, I can't stop watching YouTube videos of recent performances. Here is a great one...


I listened to the Alchemy Index recently, and while it has always been my #1 Thrice release because of it's diversity and length (24 songs!) it never quite hit me that the songs on the Fire EP are definitively the heaviest, most brutal songs Thrice has ever recorded. My hope and dream is that when Thrice gets in the studio again they record the hardest album they have ever done. Dustin has his solo career to do the more melodic stuff, so maybe he can release some angst and aggression through Thrice. I am sure his bandmates wouldn't mind.

This morning I began researching Hevy Fest, which is in the UK in August. There are a number of other bands I would also like to see, and I haven't been to a festival of any kind since 2007.

It is only about an 8 hour drive from my corner of Germany, but it would be significantly cheaper to fly. I found flights through Ryan Air and EasyJet for less than $60 round-trip, while that is what it costs to send my car through the Chunnel ONE WAY. So if I go, flying will definitely be the best route. Anyway, fun to think about, and maybe I'll be able to see Thrice again in 2 months.