Thrice's first show in three years!

So Thrice played last night in California, and actually, as I write this from Germany, the show only ended a couple hours ago. Videos are already online, and here is the first one that was uploaded on YouTube, "Stare at the Sun": Edit: much better videos have been uploaded a few hours later, and this is my favorite of the ones I have gone through, "Of Dust and Nations":

The setlist is also online, so I decided to compare this new setlist from May 12, 2015 with Thrice's previous show, from June 19, 2012. I have copied and pasted the 2012 setlist since it is much larger, and then italicized the songs they played last night.

To start, there were four songs they played last night that they did not play at that massive farewell show (33 songs!) 3 years ago:
The Arsonist 
All That's Left 

June 19, 2012:
Set #1

Yellow Belly
Image of the Invisible
The Artist in the Ambulance (2015)
Kill Me Quickly
Hold Fast Hope
Blood Clots and Black Holes
Silhouette (2015)
In Exile (2015)
The Weight (2015)
Promises (2015)
Broken Lungs
Daedalus (2015)
Words in the Water
Of Dust and Nations (2015)
Red Sky
Acoustic set
Come All You Weary (2015)
The Whaler
Stare at the Sun (2015)
Set #2
Firebreather (2015)
The Messenger
The Earth Will Shake (2015)
Identity Crisis
Helter Skelter
(The Beatles cover)
Beggars (2015)
Phoenix Ignition
T & C
Stand and Feel Your Worth
Under a Killing Moon
Deadbolt (2015)
To Awake and Avenge the Dead
Anthology (2015)