The Best of Tooth & Nail Records, 1993-Present

This is my 3rd post of 2015 about this seminal label, as I obviously can't get them out of my head. I have been wanting to list my favorite Tooth and Nail albums for a few years, but wasn't completely inspired, and it wasn't until today that I finally got them all in one playlist. I own around 140 Tooth and Nail releases (which also includes Solid State and BEC).

I decided a top 20 list should be sufficient. As with all of my lists, I don't duplicate artists (if I had, half would probably be from Starflyer 59 and Stavesacre alone). Also going to list the top EP's, as I don't think there has ever been a better label at issuing essential "extended-plays".

What's missing? Most notably Roadside Monument, who I inexplicably missed out on in the 90's (just now exploring their discography). Also, at random: Zao, Mae, Copeland, Joe Christmas, and Aaron Sprinkle solo could have/should have made it.

Also, the Crucified is missing, but that is because all of Tooth and Nail's many Crucified releases are re-issues. It is crazy to think that Tooth & Nail is actually post-Crucified. Otherwise, The Pillars of Humanity definitely makes this list.

My top-20 all-time favorite Tooth and Nail Records full-length albums:
1. Luxury- Amazing And Thank You 1995
2. Stavesacre- Absolutes 1997
3. Poor Old Lu- The Waiting Room 2002
4. mewithoutYou- Brother, Sister 2006
5. Morella's Forest- Super Deluxe 1995
6. Blenderhead- Muchacho Vivo 1995
7. Velour 100- Of Color Bright 1997
8. Starflyer 59- Silver 1994
9. The Blamed- Frail 1995
10. Blindside- A Thought Crushed My Mind 2000
11. Focused- Bow 1993
12. MxPx- Teenage Politics 1995
13. The Juliana Theory- Emotion Is Dead 2000
14. Further Seems Forever- The Moon Is Down 2001
15. Fair- The Best Worst-Case Scenario 2006
16. Michael Knott- Strip Cycle 1995
17. Dead Poetic- Vices 2006
18. Demon Hunter- Demon Hunter 2002
19. Havalina Rail Co.- Havalina Rail Co. 1994
20. Stretch Arm Strong- Rituals Of Life 1999

My top-5 all-time favorite Tooth and Nail Records EP's:
1. Pedro the Lion- Whole EP 1997
2. Starflyer 59- Le Vainqueur EP 1995 and/or She's The Queen EP 1994 (Couldn't pick between the two)
3. Velour 100- Songs from the Rainwater EP 1997
4. P.O.D.- Warriors EP 1998
5. Joy Electric- Five Stars For Failure EP 1995