New Sunny Day Real Estate song to be released on Record Store Day 7"

I am probably the last blogger to mention this, but I haven't stopped thinking about it since I heard the news days ago, so I have to mention it as well. Sunny Day Real Estate will release their first song in 14 years on April 19, 2014. Pitchfork broke the news that it will be on a split 7" record with Circa Survive (interestingly a band I have never even heard). You can read some terrific details about how the record came to be following that link.

This is giving everyone hope (including me) that this will lead to more Sunny Day, but based on comments from the members of the band, that unfortunately is highly doubtful. Apparently they recorded almost an album's worth of material following their reunion tour in 2009, but were unable to finish the songs and have since gone their separate ways.

Anyway, I'll just celebrate the one song. And I can't help but wonder if "Lipton Witch" is the untitled track (also called "10" by some) they performed during that reunion tour. Anyway, you can hear it below, and it is good, but I am hoping the song on the 7" is not it but something none of us have ever heard before.

I'd love to say I'll be lining up at Grimey's or Wax'n'Facts on Record Store Day to get my hands on one of the 7"s, but instead I'll have to order it online. Three little kids and long lines don't mix.