NEW Kerith Ravine song (oh my)

I am currently writing and researching my "best of 1999" blog post. Every once in awhile I discover one of the bands I am writing about released an album I didn't know about, maybe because they reunited. Never has it been an obscure, underground, indie band. Especially not one I consider myself to be an expert on. Until today. Seconds ago.

Kerith Ravine (who broke up in 2001) has a new song. Except it's not new. I'll let the the webpage I discovered explain itself (thanks Google):

"release date unknown the members of kerith ravine reunited for two days in the summer of 2007 - almost a decade after the band's inception - to write and record together one last time. "from the horse's eye" was produced during this brief session."



The song is UNBELIEVABLE. So much better than anything Lovedrug has done in 7 years, or maybe ever.


Along with this song Kerith Ravine's entire obscure discography is also on their Bandcamp page. I have no idea when it went online, but it had to be recently.

UPDATE: Just discovered an entire Kerith Ravine concert on YouTube (and I never had a chance to see them):