CUSH: The Gift of Hope and Fear

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It's midnight in California.  Maybe you're awake, too.  If so, you can watch the video for "The Gift Of Hope And Fear" now on YouTube.

This is song 01 on the upcoming SP3 album.  It is also the beginning of the Story.  Each of the album's 07 songs is set in the context of 07 main arguing points of/for/against Christianity, based on 07 identified 'moments' or movements in the life of Christ.  It should be clear which one this song addresses.  The lyrics of each song are written from the perspective of someone who was 'there', a witness, characters in the Story, rather than someone who has lived with the result of 2000 years of various forms of propagandic, cultural, and financial influence on the Story.  At least that is the attempt.  To see in something you've seen many times what new can be seen by looking at it as if it were for the first time.

Please enjoy whilst you Celebrate the Mass of Christ.

Email recieved from cush@cushkuxh.org on December 19:

Tidings.  Thank you for registering at cushkuxh.org.  If you haven't yet, you can hear a preview sample from the upcoming SP3 album by going to this link:


If that doesn't work, you can try this link:


Either way, thank you for your patience and understanding.  While Facebook is the current best way to interact with people near and far, nobody knows what the future of Facebook will be.  Conversely, our website has a determinable future, and enables us to more directly communicate and interact with you.  So, again, thank you for subscribing.

The release of the SP3 album will be non-traditional.  The first song will be released on December 25th, 2012, in video form only.  The rest of the songs will also be released in video form as well, one at a time, spread out over the next few months.  The release of the digital and packaged album (which will include a great deal of artwork and supplemental material) will be on May 7th, 2013.  As it all unfolds, it will make sense why this release schedule was chosen.  Previews and early releases will arrive to Subscribers first.

As a Subscriber, you will also receive access to download (if you so choose) the song "Always Disappear," which has been up on the Bandcamp site for quite some time.  It will most likely 'reappear' on the record that will be released next year, in a modified form.  So this current version will be unique.

Other scheduled items: live, in-studio performance videos, of old and new songs, the KUXH Super G album, and new material by CUSH 'proper', as we refer to it. 

Thank you for listening.