More anticipated albums: Tess Wiley & Cush

After my post a few days ago, I forgot to mention two notable albums on the horizon. The first, by Tess Wiley, has been completed and should release late Spring. Here is video of another new song:
The second album is most definitely a rumor: Cush.

Cush is of course Andy Prickett and Eric Campuzano, originally of the Prayer Chain. They released the only Cush LP almost a decade ago, and there have been mentions of new music off and on ever since. Cush excites me because it is the only song-writing outlet Prickett has. He produces, records, mixes and most notably plays guitar for others, but his song-writing is what I miss the most. I hope to interview him sometime soon.

The last actual release from Cush was in 2004, but it was only a live album. Then in 2010 they put an amazing new song on Bandcamp:

Then on Facebook in November they announced a new website and that there would be "new music soon." This of course could only mean one new song, or a new EP; but we can all hope for an LP. You can also follow Prickett's blog, as he hints at Cush from time-to-time, but mainly talks about recording, guitars, pedals, etc.

Also Paste Magazine posted "25 albums they are looking forward to" today; I think it is the first time I put up a list before Paste did.