Mates of State & Coldplay

The biggest news first: Mates of State will release a new album, Mountaintops, on 9/13 via Barsuk. Check the tracklist out below. So that means the bands that are currently #1 and #3 in my Last.fm stats are going to release albums a week from one another in September (Thrice- Major/Minor is the other); going to be some auditory overload!

01. Palomino
02. Maracas
03. Sway
04. Unless I'm Led
05. Total Serendipity
06. Basement Money
07. At Least I Have You
08. Desire
09. Change
10. Mistakes

Secondly, Coldplay has a new single, and some guy did a mash-up of of it with an old Mates of State song ("Goods"). So you've got three videos below:
1. Mates of State/Coldplay mash-up

2. Mates of State- Goods

3. Coldplay- Every Teardrop is a Waterfall