Brown Feather Sparrow

I have been mentioning this Dutch band to people for years, and now is the time to take the plunge and buy Brown Feather Sparrow's albums if you have not already. They recently put all four LPs on Bandcamp for download, at 5 Euros each ($6.50), or in the case of their new Christmas album, at "name your own price" (no minimum, so free if you are poor or broke). Their albums have always been extremely hard to get without paying $20+ dollars to import the CDs across the Atlantic.

I hate comparisons, but for fans of the Innocence Mission, Over the Rhine and the Weepies; primarily female vocal-led folk rock.

I downloaded their new Christmas album two days ago, and it excellent and extremely diverse. About half original songs and half traditional, and with a variety of styles and singers. It is actually titled Brown Feather Sparrow and Friends, as lead singer/songwriter Lydia van Maurik turns over creative control and vocal duties on many of the songs. Buy the albums below; listed newest to oldest.