Jerry's Records, Pittsburgh

I visited Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh yesterday, apparently one of the famous record stores in the nation (named on of Paste's top 17 last year). Literally millions of vinyl records and no CDs. Jerry himself was present, and the store is practically a warehouse of vinyl. There were numerous magazine and newspaper articles tapes to the walls about the store. Records are stacked floor to ceiling, rows and rows and rows. Some of the records are sorted like you typically see in stores, but there are so many that the majority of the store is organized library style. There are tons of random boxes sitting everywhere, but most of the store is highly organized. To give you a picture of how big the place is, Jerry left at 4:00 and said this to one of his employees: "Make sure you turn off all the furnaces and make sure you don't lock anyone in."

I spent over two hours in there and didn't begin to look at everything. Honestly the first 10-15 minutes I was just trying to get my head around the mazes of shelves and sections. Sections included rock, alternative (not sure how or why this was separate from rock), soul, R&B, country, bluegrass, jazz, techno, gospel, contemporary Christian, etc. I spent most of my time in the CCM section, and it took me over an hour to look at every title in that category. I found some gems- some for me, some for a friend, and some to sell. If you are interested in anything let me know in the comments otherwise you are going to see the LPs on eBay.

For $60 I got 18 records:
Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
The Hester Family- Country Gospel
The Simple Truth- Ain't Jesus Good
Disney's The Jungle Book- Soundtrack
Leslie Phillips- The Turning
Lifesavors- Dreamlife (2 copies, one still sealed. Mike Knott's debut, and yes I did spell it correctly)
Steve Taylor- On the Fritz (2 copies, one still-sealed and one an import)
Steve Taylor- Meltdown (import)
Steve Taylor- I Want to be a Clone
Steve Taylor- I Predict 1990
Youth Choir- Voices in Shadows (still-sealed, if you don't know this is The Choir's debut before they changed their name)
Daniel Amos- Vox Humana
Daniel Amos- The Alarma Chronicles volume 1
Altar Boys- Gut Level Music
Altar Boys- When You're a Rebel (still-sealed)
Altar Boys- Against the Grain