Thrice and Manchester Orchestra at Variety Playhouse

I saw Thrice and Manchester Orchestra last night at the Variety Playhouse and took tons of photos and for the first time, video. You can see one photo and one video below, but if you click on them and go to my Flickr and YouTube accounts you can see many more. I love Thrice and like Manchester Orchestra. Thrice absolutely blew them away last night: the level of maturity, musicianship and professionalism doesn't even come close. The opening band, O'Brother, was also good, but I only caught two of their songs. I might write more later if I have time...

Thrice's setlist:
1. The Messenger
2. The Weight
3. Silhouette
4. In Exile
5. Red Sky
6. All the World Is Mad
7. Doublespeak
8. A Song for Milly Michaelson
9. Of Dust and Nations
10. Circles
11. The Earth Will Shake
12. For Miles
13. Beggars