Five Free Thrice Songs

If for some reason you have yet to check out the band Thrice, now is your chance to get 5 songs for legally for free. I assume most people resist Thrice due to not liking heavy music. I have people ask me for music recommendations all the time, but say, "except for screaming". Even my wife is open to all sorts of music, but resists anything with screaming. Well, Dustin of Thrice doesn't scream too much any more, and he has an outstanding singing voice (my wife has described his vocals on his solo album as "sexy"). These five songs feature him at his best, and no screaming whatsoever. The first four are a live Daytrotter session. Not only that, Thrice records all four of the songs in a blues style. You can download these unique versions of songs off Beggars, plus one Tom Waits cover, here.

Lastly, you can download Thrice's newest "single", In Exile (although I am not sure it is being played on the radio anywhere) at Magnet.com with a new Dustin interview. So there you go, five Thrice songs; none are heavy, and none have screaming.