Erick Newbill (Fair) Interview

My next interview is with Erick Newbill, known best as a guitarist in the band Fair. While working in Aaron Sprinkle's shadow in Fair, he is a frontman in his own right, originally in the band Wes Dando and now with his new project, Subways on the Sun, which he mentions below.

Fair (L to R): Nick Barber (bass), Aaron Sprinkle (vocals, guitar), Erick Newbill (guitar), Joey Sanchez (drums, percussion)

What are your top 10 favorite albums of the decade?


1) Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites
2) Blur - Think Tank
3) Muse - Black Holes & Revelations
4) Catherine Wheel - Wishville
5) Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth
6) Keane - Hopes & Fears
7) Kasabian - Empire
8) Rufus Wainwright - Poses
9) Gorillaz - Demon Days
10) Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power

AP: What are your top 5 favorite albums of the decade released by friends or bandmates?

1) Eisley - Combinations - Fair toured with Eisley back in 2006 and we had a great time. They are one of my favorite bands and I listen to their records all the time. I think they took it to the next level with Combinations.
2) Aaron Sprinkle - Bareface - Aside from playing together in Fair, we've been friends for 10+ years. Some of this album was recorded in the basement of my old house, and I have lots of fun memories of some of these songs being written and recorded, including meeting Joey (Sanchez) for the first time during the sessions. It's great music, and nostalgic - a perfect combo for me.
3) Lars Katz - The Veil - I've known Lars since I was in college. He worked as an assistant to Aaron in the studio for a couple years as well and has his name on a lot of big Tooth and Nail records. I worked with him on some of the production for this album, and love how it turned out. Lars is incredibly talented, having played all of the instruments on this record and writing incredibly interesting and inspiring songs.
4) Monarch - Lowly - We met these local guys a year or two ago because Nick (Barber) met their keyboard player at a local coffee shop where he goes all the time. They are one of the best bands I've heard in a long time and this record is excellent. We're hoping to do some shows with these guys soon.
5) Barcelona - Absolutes - These guys have been friends for a while and this record is so well crafted. We've played lots of shows together, and it's been great to see them become so successful with this album. They deserve it.

AP: What are your current musical projects?

EN: Fair has a new album coming on February 9, 2010. It's been almost 4 years since our last album came out, and over 2 years since we started record this one. I'm really excited about how it turned out. We stretched ourselves, worked hard on it, and learned a lot about ourselves in the process. I know it sounds cheesy, but making this record has been a huge time of growth for all of us personally and musically, and I'm hoping that comes across in the songs.

I'm also working on a new band called Subways on the Sun, doing the writing with my friend Lars Katz. We've been recording new songs since April, and posted a song on our MySpace recently that we are really proud of. We're having fun working together, and are excited to post more songs and see this band take shape. This will be a good outlet for something a little different musically in addition to what I already do in Fair. Nick Barber is going to be playing bass, and we're looking to round it out with a drummer and keyboard player to start playing shows soon.

AP: The 2009 Abrazos Cancer Benefit compilation has been released on iTunes, featuring the first Subways on the Sun song, "Softer Light." 100% of the profits benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; you can purchase it here. And here is a detailed press release for the new Fair album.