Birthday music

Music I got for my birthday: The Crucified- The Complete Collection (2 CD/ 1 DVD) The Beatles- The White Album (2 CD) Brown Feather Sparrow- Brave (iTunes gift card) Sojourn- Advent Songs (Free on NoiseTrade) Andy Zipf- The Cowards Choir EP (Free on NoiseTrade) Katie Herzig- Weightless (Free on NoiseTrade) I was led to Andy Zipf because he is in a new band called the Lost Chorus. I became aware of the Lost Chorus because the band was started by Dirk Lemmenes (Stavesacre & Focused), Ryan Dennee (Stavesacre) and Alex Albert (Project 86). They have one song on Myspace, it is pretty good. Apparently those three guys had been jamming for together for awhile now, writing instrumental songs. They added Andy, who I was previoulsly unaware of, to be their lead vocalist. You can learn more about him here. I had been wanting that Brown Feather Sparrow album for awhile now. I have their first two LPs, and they are excellent. I discovered them in 2003 when I saw them perform at Flevo Festival in the Netherlands. They are Dutch, and I would compare them to Over the Rhine or Rosie Thomas. Brown Feather Sparrow has better lyrics than both of those artist though; in fact they have better lyrics than most artists, period. Brave was released in 2008, but I never bought it because it has no US distribution and would have cost me about $30 US for the CD and shipping. It eventually appeared on iTunes, and today I finally took the plunge since I got an iTunes gift card for my birthday. If you like mellow indie rock, no one does it better than Brown Feather Sparrow.