Brandtson = Swarm of Bats

As far as I know, Brandtson is dead. Everyone who has ever been in Brandtson, minus Jared, is now Swarm of Bats. Yesterday the first Swarm of Bats show was announced, on their Myspace site. You can see them in Cleveland, of course, on August 14.

This is from April 11:

heya- sorry for the silence on this… we haven’t made anything official because we just don’t really know. at this point all i know is that jared really isn’t interested in doing anything musically in the way that we always have- which is a bit of a bummer for sure. we’re all still good friends, and it’s not a matter of us not getting along… just life and that sort of thing. I’d love to do another record or at least a few goodbye shows, but it’s all up in the air for now…

myk, john, adam and myself are all making music together as a new band and are hoping to play a few shows this summer around home (cleveland) and possibly do some recording. it feels good to play with those dudes again- it’s been way too long.

sorry i don’t have anything solid to give you at this time… i just don’t know whats going to happen really.