Wow, just looked at my blog and realized I hadn't updated since March- Oops! Most recent vinyl purchase is "Clarity" by Jimmy Eat World. It is one of my all-time favs, and was at the top of my vinyl want list, but I didn't think I would ever be able to afford the outrageous prices for the 1999 release on eBay. Well, thanks to the 10 year anniversary re-release I own it and have been spinning it!

Been listening to lots of heavy stuff recently- rediscovered my love for Demon Hunter, been listening to their first three albums (still haven't bought the newest one, but will soon). I also discovered Isis on emusic recently, they sound like a cross between Tool and Mogwai but with a minimal amount of gutteral metal vocals.

Just discovered Tess Wiley has a new band and a new album! The name of the band is Land der Lebendigen, and as you might have guessed, all the lyrics are in German. Song samples sound cool though, folkly but diverse instrumentation. I listen to plenty of instrumental music, so why not listen to music sung in German- might motivate me to continue to learn the language (started, sort-of, six years ago).

Lastly, I drove down to the beach this week and have been listening to non-stop Starflyer 59 in the car. Turns out I really like the album "My Island," more than I realized, and I don't really like the new album "Dial M", except for two songs.