As you have seen over the last few weeks, I have been posting Thrice videos, which preview their new album, "The Alchemy Index", due out in October. I have not been so excited about an album in a long time. Thrice is easily my favorite active band. Most people I know don't take them seriously because of their punk roots, but I believe them to be more talented than most bands out there. Not only is Dustin Kensrue an amazing lyricist (my favorite ever? either him or Chris Simpson), but they are truly ground-breaking, which I can't say about any other band currently. And they no longer fit any one style of music, they do it all, and do it very well.

The new album is actually four new EPs, themed after the four elements- Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The amount of thought and detail put into following these themes is amazing. The Fire and Water EPs release is in October, unfortunately we have to wait until March for Earth and Air. Anyway, the reason for my post, is that the debuted two songs today. You can hear them here. Also read this interview while you are at it.